Natalie Nicholson and Korina Brewer met at the Fashion Institute of Technology where they were both studying design in 2012. After many years of friendship, it has been our dream to work together to create a network of makers that promote and support one another and their communities. This mission is how Slow Made was born in the fall of 2018. We organized our first event as a holiday pop up shop which was located next to Village Coffee and Goods in Kingston. From the success of that event, we have been very excited about what is next for Slow Made and expanding our community of artists! 

Korina has her studio at Ferrovia Studios and lives in Kingston. Natalie lives in Great Barrington, MA, she studied in New Paltz and grew up in Hudson, so has ties and connections in the area. The pop up will include Korina' s line of repurposed sailcloth goods, Eighth Belle and Natalie's line of jewelry, NON.